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Welcome to Aranya Sundari Valki Machan - Bit About Us

Aryanya Sundari Valki MachanValki machan is very nice place for weekend trip spanning 1 to 2 days.Valki machan is around 140 km away from Calcuttain in Burdwan district. Valki machan is 7km from Mankar station on the Howrah-Asansol section of Eastern Railway and 13km from Paraj on Durgapur Expressway near Panagarh. Valki machan can be reached within three hours from Calcutta,Durgapur , Asansol. alki machan is famous for the nearby Forest and a 25 hectares man-made lake named Jamuna dighi. Jamuna Dighi is used for pisciculture under the State Fisheries Development Corporation. Thirty-nine ponds, each spread over 22-25 bighas have been dug for the purpose.you can avail the boating facility in these lakes.

You can also visit the nearby forests. This forest was used by the ancient landlords(Zamindars) as their favorite hunting ground.Those landlords built machans(watch towers) where they could sit and wait for the animals to come. you can see the ruins of these watchtowers. also you will be able to see many temples built by those Zamindars. These temples are great examples of Terracottal art.

How to reach Bhalki Machan?

By Air –the nearest airport to Valki machan is Kolkata airport . After after getting down at Kolkata you can hire private vehicles to reach Valki machan.

By Train –you can reach Valki machan ny trains through Howrah-Asansol section of Eastern Railway. you will have to get down at Mankar station and hire a ricksaw to reach Valki machan.

By Road - Valki machan can be reached by National Highway 2 (NH 2) by proceeding towards Durgapur, upto Galsi. On reaching Galsi turn right and the freshly tarred road leads to Mankar. On reaching Mankar, ask any local people to know the exact way to reach Bhalki Machan.

Guide To Valki Machan

By Road from Kolkata
Distance: 150 KM
Drive Time: 3 Hours

  • Take Durgapur Express Way from Kolkata
  • Saktigarh is on the mid way
  • Drive 35 KM from Saktigarh towards Durgapur and will rich Paraj Railway station more.
  • Take right diversion from here and drive towards Abhirampur bazar (8 KM)
  • Drive another 5 KM to Aranya sundari from Abhirampur bazar.
  • Ask local person at Abhirampur Bazar " direction to Machan"
  • Aranya Sundari Lodge  is on  the Left side of road (keep looking left till see a sign board of Aranya Sundari)

By Train from Howrah/Sealdah
  • Get down at Guskara or Mankar railway station (Howrah to Durgapur Line).
  • We have transportation available (chargeable) at these stations.
  • Ask Manager to avail transportation from Guskara/ Mankar while booking.
  • Time: from Howrah to Mankar/Guskara: 2:30 Hrs. approx.
  • From Guskara/Mankar to Aranya Sundari: 30 Minutes by vehicle